Did you know you can flip houses without buying them, or leaving your home?

Flipping houses is profitable work!

In fact, flipping profits hit an all time high in 2019 with an average of $60,000 per flip!

There's more than enough profit to go around in the real estate market.

Want to hear the cool part?

You can actually flip deals WITHOUT ever having to buy, fix, or sell a house!


I'm talking about avoiding virtually ALL risk, but still being able to partake in the huge amount of profit being made every day from flipping real estate.

In fact, this has allowed me and my clients to earn an EXTRA $5,000 - $10,000 per week (or at least per month).


Here are the results it has given me:

Over 50 flips!

Over 250 real estate transactions!

Over $10 million in profits!

Over 70 wholesale deals!


It is NOT just another "how-to" course on Real Estate Investing

It is NOT about flipping houses or buying and holding rental properties - yet the process will help you find so many of those deals, that you'll be able to pick and choose the deals that you love.

It is NOT about building passive income - yet it will help you increase your passive income more than any single buy and hold property ever could.

It is NOT a course filled with FLUFF and stories about some Guru that you don't care about.

Instead, this are the ACTUAL SYSTEMS that we use in our REI business, handed over to you for you to implement RIGHT AWAY! 

+FREE Fast Action Bonus!


Now that you know exactly how to get a flood of leads lined up for your next deal, this lead sheet will give you what to say to those leads to qualify them and find the deals that work best for you! 

You won't have to feel nervous or worried about getting new leads, because you can simply ask them the questions on this sheet, and fill it out with them.

It's easy!

Who is


Martin is a successful Real Estate Investor in the United States and has been investing in buying fixing and flipping, Buying fixing and renting and wholesaling Real Estate since 2007.

Martin Perdomo also known as "The Elite Strategist", and the Host of Wealthy AF Podcast (formerly: Latinos in Real Estate Investing Podcast).

Martin has coached and trained hundreds of people around the country and has trained groups as large as 500. In addition he has also trained, coached and mentored many politicians in Monroe county PA. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach, Speaker/Trainer and acquires the skills to help make the changes within and without to help you get to the next level.